Monday, May 20, 2013

On the road again

This is shaping up to be the year of international travel for me.  At the end of March, I had the opportunity to travel to Jordan.  Today in about an hour, I'll be on a plane to Japan-- well at least on route to Japan. Unfortunately, unlike my trip to Jordan in March, my flight is not direct.  Rather I will have two connections before I arrive at my final destination of Matsuyama, Japan.  I will almost completely skip Monday, due to the time change and transatlantic flight from L.A to Tokyo.  It will be mid-day on Tuesday, May 21 in Japan before I arrive to my final destination.

As I consider this trip to Japan in comparison to my trip to Jordan, I am feeling much more relaxed.  As I shared with a colleague, I am much more familiar with Japanese culture than I was with Arabic culture when I left for Jordan.  I owe this in part to having roomed with a Japanese student during my first year of college and then several summers during college working with exchange students from Japan.  Much of the Japanese I know (which isn't a lot), comes from those experiences over 15 (gasp!) years ago!  Actually, as I think about it, I'm surprised it has taken me that long to get to Japan.  I nearly took a job teaching English in Japan after college, but turned it down.  It was the first professional job offer i got after i graduated from college.  I still marvel a bit that given the practical person I am, I turned the job down.  But at the time I felt that going overseas and adjusting to life after college would be too much.  Thankfully God had other wonderful things in store for me in northern Virginia.  And little did I know that I would be blessed with another chance to visit Japan after all.  I am expecting it to be wonderful!  I only regret that my husband won't be able to share in my experiences personally.  Hopefully this blog will allow he (and everyone else reading this blog) a little taste of my adventures.

Japan, here I come!  Iki ma show! (That's my poor spelling of the Japanese phrase, "Let's go!)

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